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The best is very simple

Most of the simple things in life are not complicated . Most times proffesionals like to inflate their own ego on their clients and customers .sometimes i cannot blame them because people are very impatience and they want answer very … Continue reading

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What ive learned from living alone

Ive never planned or set up to want to live alone , it just happened . It wasnt scary and i ddint have any fear .I was busy . I have always lived with people , friends , family untill … Continue reading

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Expect the Best and Get it

Expecting the best and get it has to do with personality . when i want something , i focused my entire being on it till i get it . I expected to have a fitness studio around where ive lived … Continue reading

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Make your workout short

A good workout session should charged your energy , boost your hormones not deplete it and you should feel after your workout that you can kick ass . Most people especially women spend soo much time doing cardio which causes … Continue reading

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