Make your workout short

A good workout session should charged your energy , boost your hormones not deplete it and you should feel after your workout that you can kick ass . Most people especially women spend soo much time doing cardio which causes hormones imbalance in the body – cortisol , lead to more weight gain around  the waist – flabby belly .

There is a lot of evidence that after 45 mins of intensive workout training , there is a notable decline in blood testosterone . , you should finish your workout while your hormones are at a peak level .Short intense workout are more practical for busy people and this is a great advantage .

All my clients are and people that comes to my studio are very busy people who have their life to live rather than enslaving themselve in a commercial gym with a low level , low self esteem personal trainer . You want to do a workout that will enhance quality of your life , not diminishing it by injury .

Because you know that your workout is not going to be long , it gives you a sense of encouraging to do your workout and resuming your daily activities .

Another great benefits of short intensive workout on a personal level is to have energy left for more sex and avoid crazy mood . To also  serve my body better all the time .My partner doesnt want me to be tired , he doesnt even want to hear it ,.

Short intensive workout also accelerate fat burning . it boost neurotransmitters – Alertness , keep insulin low and keep your hormones at a peak level .

To your loving body .


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