Expect the Best and Get it

Expecting the best and get it has to do with personality . when i want something , i focused my entire being on it till i get it . I expected to have a fitness studio around where ive lived for 9 years even thou all the odd were against me . People were telling me i need to move out of the city because its an expensive area . Most of the people talk out of their  own low expectation .

Another way of validating your thinking of expectation is to talk to a valuable voice , i mean an enlightened people who think of higher possibilty and give you an insight not advice .

A mind free of negative tend tp produce positives , This does not mean that by believing you are necessarily  going to get everything you want or think you want . Perhaps   that will not be good for you . You need to trust  God so that he will guide your mind so that you do not want things that are not good for you .

Most times as it has happened to me things become better when you expect the best instead of the worst for the reason that being freed from self doubt , you can put your whole self into your endeavour and nothing can stand in the way of a person who focuses entire self on a problem .

Expecting the best means you put your whole heart , your personalty into what you want to accomplish . Life cannot deny itself from the person who gives it all .  So start  to think of yourself on a high expectation . Miracles happen but youve got to do the work .


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