What ive learned from living alone

Ive never planned or set up to want to live alone , it just happened . It wasnt scary and i ddint have any fear .I was busy . I have always lived with people , friends , family untill few years back when i moved to London . This is what happened to me ,

As i said in the begining i had never wanted to live alone . Im deeply sociable , extroverted sometime among people , but we all change right ? To clarify things , living alone is different from being alone . Most people live with people and there are still lonely . so there is a huge difference to be considered there.

Here are the few things ive learned .

Its not that bad . My creative business was born .

My conscious mind improved . i became a better thinker  / writer / person

I had more energy for love , work and physical exercise .

I got fitter , I slowed down , woke up earlier and started to see the world more happily .

Since i started to live alone i had less and less problem with  fake people that i used to know when i wasnt by myself .

I became more aware of what i really want from life . . The joy of living alone has also increase my joy of being with people .

I became sharper , happier , younger looking and vibrant .

Thou some people accused me of selfshness , but i believe  the answer is more complicated – without the energy i derived from being by myself , i know i wouldnt be of much of use to anyone later on .

I realsed life is not about struggling but thriving . every thing  is about energy and if you are like me with good energy , you will want to preserve yourself by going into solitude very often .

Try it for yourself , it could be 10 mins a day , then you build up from there .

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