The best is very simple

Most of the simple things in life are not complicated . Most times proffesionals like to inflate their own ego on their clients and customers .sometimes i cannot blame them because people are very impatience and they want answer very quick . .

The best restaurant tend to have simple meal on the menu – roasted chickens etc .

The best sermon are never preached – Listen or pay attention to your pastor you will detect what i mean

The best sex tend to flow , inspiring and fun .

The best people are less intense and easy to talk to – ME

The best exercise will involve developing your butts , deadlift , push up , squat , pull-ups .

The best friends talk less and listen – no judgemnet but full of insight . .

The best people with high self esteem are the ones that have a direct experience to what lower or raises their owns esteem .

The best training increases vitality – not aging

The best food supplement work 10 x better than the cheap ones .

And finally , the best people are less demanding .

Let me know your thought .


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