Sexual energy is creative energy

Sexual energy is the beginning of a spiritual growth . I was not  aware of this until i started digging deep into my creativity . Sexual energy is another name for our life force . If you are always coming from enthutiasm , compassion and love then you will understand how sexual energy is link  to those attitudes / emotions .

Sexual energy is a creative energy , you need to be careful who you share that with . All creative people are highly sexual . Not only children are born out of our sexual energy, but everything  that man has created . . The way i experienced this is , sexual energy can have many transformation , at the lowest is biological and at the highest is spiritual .

Creative are people are also full of life and abundance , they ve not been sexually repressed . You can see the poets , the musicain , the dancers , all creative people are highly sexual . , . sexual energy is your potential for spiritual growth . You can become enlightened only because of your sexual energy .

Based on my own personal experience , the higher my sexual energy , the more creative i become . Please noted that im not talking about sex here but sexual energy .

Shame and guilt has been created by religious people . Celibacy is unnatural . When sexuality is repressed , then there will be no creativity . now you get the idea why we dont have soo much creative people . The innocence has been taking away from them .

Working and understand your sexual energy is the connection to your growth which bring the creativity out of you . The more sexual energy you have , the more powerful you become .

To your growth



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