Your stomach is your brain

Most people are not aware that everything that happen in the brain   comes from the activity of the stomach . Our stomach is our emotional centre . I was watching an interview the other day about a football manager who is super succesful , he said when players are fast in the stomach , they are also fast in the brain . That means making better decision .

Emotional depression is caused by the failure of the liver to function properly . also the lack of energy and the feelings of heaviness  caused by the constipation conditions of the bowel . To get your stomach moving properly , you need to learn how to breath through your solar plexius .- link on my you tube channel .

Another thing that happen to our emotions through the stomach is the fact that when the blood supply is not up to the normal standard , the mental functions are interfered with a degree corresponding to the reduction of the circulation .

Based on my study   of how the mind is being connected to the body , our solar plexius/ abbdominal brain is the centre   of our emotions . In order to regulate your emotion behaviour , which is link to your ability to make money , self discipline , learning  a new skill . you must begin by regulating the activity of the solar plexius .

Every thing from the centre of the stomach also regulate the character . Strong will versus weak  will .This is what you do when you practising breathing into your solar  plexius , tell it everything  you need – in a matter of emotional   feelings . – I wish to be cheerful , or courageous , confident to take up challenges .

You will find arousing your solar plexius a willing helper .

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