How to avoid fitness failure

I was on the phone with a long distance clients who recently became father of twins  and life get in the way of his fitness . well basically real life   happens . He was unable to be hitting the gym the he way  used to in his early 30s .I understand his frustration and ive been there . ive been in the belly of a beast and found my way out .

Frankly speaking , people have not been taught how to evolve with fitness ., so i called it fitness failure . And the reason they never evolve is because nobody teaches them . and they try to do the same thing they used to do .

Another problem most people  struggle to be  shape is the fact that most commercial actually make it soo difficult for them and make it looks like its an immposible mission  so people just gave up . The real life im  talking about could be –

Spending more time on our relationship by building  a stronger one

Having kids or thinking about it .

Work on a real life projects

Becoming a first time moms

This real life will happen either we like it or not .

All these has caught up with me and i found myself evolving with it . And this is how i do it

i hired a coach who taught me how to grow in life and business , how to evolve without damaging my body , how to workout for just 30 mins and get super good body .

Seriously you can always look great and feel great with your age .

You need to have a burning desire . you need to be discipline , You need to beileve that is going to be possible .

Focus your training programm around strength / metabolic conditioning .

Visit my site for more help

Keep rocking – life is good when you are healthy .

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