Tips to be sharp as a tack -keep your mental edge

One of the scariest thing is to lose our memory edge . and the realisation that our brain cant function well as it used to ,. thats scary . , due to my interest in neuroscience and human pyschology , ive ,come across a lot of way to keep our brain from declining .

Most people will experience some sort of brain aging in their life . ranging from low thinking , fizzy thinking and dementia . Thou most of brain loss can be genetic but we can still improve our sharpness . No matter what type of profeesion you are in , sharp thinking is mental edge .

Avoid Sugar –  if you have a sweet tooth – replace  it with stevia . Ive not eaten sugar for 11 years and thats how i did it . Short time consuming of sugar  can temporarily improve brain function  but elevated sugar level will impede your memory .

Get Fishy – Introduce fish like salmon or other fatty fish each week into your diet . if you dont like fish , consume fish oils . I take sometimes  three to six pills per day . Depend on active your brain is .

Manage  Stress – Stress is one of the greatest source of memory loss . – brain inflammation caused by stress weakens old memories and make new establishing  for the new ones difficult .   The best way ive found so far is to take deep breathing and meditate .

Connect with friends that are improving and learning  new skills .

Work it out – Engaging in physical activities like strength training with interval running to boost your memory alert . I do all this and i think im sharp as tack .

Get those vitamins –  Magnesium ensure strong links between your brain cells which can help you solve problems , vitamins like B12 , B6 and D 3 can be found in food like brown rice , almonds , haze nuts , spinach ,

Avoid Toxins – Seriously this is the most important . These include tobbaco , mercury sword fish and tuna can cause inflammation  which can impair your mood memory . Also people around you that communiacte violently .Seek out pleasant  people l If you cant find one be one . .

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