Tips to increase Melatonin and stay Cancer Free

Melatonin is the most powerful anti oxidant that prevent and quenches the free radical in our body . Melatonin is also our passport to remain  cancer  free , if the level drop, we are heading into a catabolic position . You know how you feel when you are restless at night . Melatonin is produced in the pinal gland , thats why the use of green drinks second time in the day has a lot of benefits for cancer patients .

Most of us dont have a natural sleeping pattern because of work rhtym , but we can increase the production of maelatonin by some  changes in habits .

Any one who has seen a family member or a friend  engage in a struggle against  cancer , knows that there is nothing so heartbreak breaking .

Go to sleep as early as you can when you are in your time zone . My partner travels a lot for matches and i can see how he struggle to get his brain to sleep . Hes been meditating a lot and it helps . So give mediation or visualization a go .

Eat no food beyond 7.30 pm  except   youghurt, garlic,  flaxeed oil , no sweetened  or proceesed food that raise insulin levels too high and short off mealtonin synthesis .

Restrict your daily calorie by eating only bio energetic , low protein , complex carbohydrate dinner to promote the absorbtion of the amino acid and its conversion to serotonin which turn into melatonin .

Melatonin protects the essential fatty acids  in our body and brain from deterioration , be sure to consume omega 3 EFAS  from fish oils , eggs , sea algae , fresh fish , perrilla oil , flax or hemp seed and their oils as well as omega 6 Efas or prmirose oil, or animal  fats in eggs or meat . This will also  help with superior neurological processing .

Remember that diets high in fats / bad fats will negatively influence total sleeping time .




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