How to balance masculine and feminine energy to super charge sex drive

Ive recently realised that in order to stay with through partnership with my body for the rest of my life , i had to make peace with the fact that my body is female on a very fundamental level .  Being a man or a woman doesnt give a person more or less access to masculine or femine energy . Both energy exist in each and every one one of us .

We need to learn how to engage both energy in order to be psychological , emotionally , and physically well . We need both energy as a power source in our life .And in order to do that we must recognise the content of the energy that drives us . I can see this energy in most women that i coach which helped me evaluate mine as well .


Tenaciosly pursue what you want

Deciding where / how a projects grow

Focusing on the end result – less of a process


magnetically attracting what you want

Holding the space for projects to develop

Working with others and effortlessly  creating community

Relating to others by listening , sharing and nuturing .

Here are the signs of excessive masculine energy  in women

Feelings significant disconnecting from your emotions and sensations

Locating a sense of self worth outside of yourself – based on material success .

Feeling isolated and unsupported

Having few verbal skills for building deep relationships with friends family and romantic partner .

We all go through our days without identify which energy we are using most and which one is more dominant . Once i realised that im shifting toward imbalance of energy i take a step back and regroup .

Embracing feminine energy model while growing has shown me just how powerful  and expansive feminine energy  can be especially for sex drive .

Thanks for reading .

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