Turning yourself on – creating a pleasure recipe

Many people thinks sexual pleasure  in terms of whats happening or not happening in their bedroom . Personally , a broader definition will be the ability to give and receive pleasure , enjopyment , and acknowledgement . You need to feel turned on during your dally life .  Its about pleasing our senses all day . Waking up the senses .

In my last blog i wrote about the energy that drives  us all day . Masculine or feminine  depends on how we used it . Turning oourselves on during the day are related to food and enviroment . Anything that affects our senses will impact our physiology . If the pleasure run dry in our life , tired , over extended and burn out . They all related to your libido .

Ive been looking into a woman code for the past 2 years , everything about organs , hormones and glands . I want to live a healthy ,beautiful life and i realise it require that i work for it .


This recipe will enhance your neurochemical balance .

Remove things and activities that drain your adrenal – take a break from stimulant like too much coffee and see how you feel . may be a cup a day . Aim for 30 to 40 min physical activities like sprinting , walking , etc

Take the supplement daily vitamin c with bioflavonoids , these heals the adrenal tissue and boost the adrenal function .

Schedule five to ten min of relaxing activities before bed .

Schedule full body massage for about one hour and half twice a month .

Schedule 3o mins weekly to do nothing , may be watching the sky . I usually watches movie .

Fill your diets with foods that nurture the adrenal . To recharge your energy , go heavy on blue / black food . like beans , berries , sea vegetable .

If you also understand your sex drive/ libido better outside your bedroom , look no further   than food .  Enhancing the quality of each day isnt about leading to sex as much but cultivating pleasure so that your daily life  isnt as draining on a physical l , emotion and hormonal scale .

Thats is it to your health and beauty .


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