How To Stay Motivated All Year Round

We all have different things or places that increases our stimulation , Ive been pretty more motivated since i got  my own training studio . If you are like me , i get bored very quickly . Im a woman , and i work with my cycle , trust the flow of change and use each phase to create health and success . That spark increase motivation .

Im sharing my ideas and experience of what has worked so far for me .

No Compromise – I dont compromise . For me when something is not good  that means is not good . Compromising has cost me a lot in my life so i made a rule not to compromised and since then , ive experienced lots of motivation and energy to create success .

Healthy Ego –  The fact that im not perfect and im going make mistakes keeps my motivation alive . Develop an healthy ego , so that you will know that its okay to make mistakes . I do this by treating ting myself well , take care of my body , connect to my feelings and allow my myself pleasure which increase my esteem because i feel better .

I speak up , follow my heart and adore my uniqueness – this take a lot work because people will always want to change you to suit their needs .

i received – give people opportunity to support me . We are all designed to receive , attract , expect , seduce, welcome  and make room  for love and success in my life .

After 7 pm – shut down information  and avoid things that make you feeling less . like TV commercials . Read books or watch movies to relax the brain and stimulate  motivation the next day .

Be kind and have a lot of compassion for other people ,Im not just writting this , because thats what i am . The happier you are , the more you are valuable to other people .

Thanks for reading

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