Why i Teach Dead lift Exercise To My Female Clients

I personally discovered about 6 year s ago that  deadlift  exercise will be part of my life . its crazy  how people think doing this valuable exercise will damage their back , well it will if you dont understand  how to execute properly . I actually make it a base / foundation for all my female clients . Men too will benefits but right now its about the superwoman in my life .  Yes my female clients are all superwoman .

Glute Builder – Its an incredible butts builder when performed correctly . The glute get worked thoroughly during the entire range of deadlift , It doesnt just work only the glutes but the entire – posterior chain – your feel good hormone that contribute to standing tall

These exercise aslo allow us a movement that give  us as a   full glow .

Reset the hormones – Performing daedlift regularly improve circulation to organs  – a bit closer to sex , growing healthy tissues and regulating menstural cycle . It also help the body natural detoxification , keeps adrenal gland healthy and supporting yoour adrenal instead of draining them .

Good Postures – Good postures symbolize that you are on top . Have you heard an analogy standing up straight and you become nice to look at . Thats what you get from learning to perform this valuable exercise .

Deadlift will also do wonder for functional usable strength and will lead to improvement in athleticism . The more you get better with it the more you build confidence and self esteem .

Watching all my bad ass female clients as they pile up more plates on the bar bring smile to my face . Please learn to dedalift – you will rock .

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