What ive learned as i got a year older

Last monday was my birthday , Im not even sure  how i feel about it apart  from the fact that i feel really good . , ive been feeling really good for the past few months . I feel like im in my 20s with my energy level , emotional level , my skill , my altitude and  my  discipline . May  be its my green tea . Just  kidding .  . . Anyway im going to share  some of the lessons ive learned and how  ive developed  since last year .

Meditation and silence – 30mins a day became my ritual . This is when i do soul  searching  lots of writing .

I focus on how my life can be of benefits to another – by investing in my skill and ability . People wants good energy , thats the fact and you need to be connected to yourself to have that .

Ive also learned that love makes me meditative , because its on the right line and meditation also makes me loving .

Better Nutrition  – I became more aware of what i ingest in my body , because our survival , vitality and beauty depends on our nutrition , Whatever and  how you feed you feed and nourishes your body adds up over the year .

I got  wiser by spotting toxic people – I realised that im very gentle , warming , nice , loving and carefree and this seems to attract people who dont have these qualities in them . My biggest win is the fact that i can spot them .

I also learned  that the most difficult and challenging is the changes i go through around the people that values me .

This year i opened up my private personal training studio , it has been really tough  and challenging and also make me understand the kind of person i am  . Its amazing what you do when you set your mind to it . i also learning  that things will get done when there is no alternative  but  to succeed .

Finally i choose people around me , making sure they make me better as i make them better .

Lots of love .

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