Tips on becoming An Effective And Persuasive Communicator

I realised lately that communication is like food , we used it every minutes of the day .If you notice , most people just simply manipulate rather than communicate . There si a huge difference between manipualtion and  persuasion . . Manipulation is getting others to do what you want them to do , regardless of whats best for them .

Persuasion on the   other hands , is communication that guides people minds and emotions past all obstacles , enables them to understand what you are saying fell what you are feeling and ultimately  motivates them to take the course of action that you belive is their best  interest for the common  good .

I had to work on this a lot and im still working on it . The world is set up to manipulate us and i want to finish  rich and strong . The best  way for me to do my job effectively is to come from people interest not mine . In teaching strength training to a beginner , ive been put through a lot of test because i need to persuade to let the clients   see the benefits which is not easy because most clients are coming from strange perspective when it come s to strength training .

Here are some  of the barriers to consider as you prepare  for conversations .

The listener egos –  Your listener may think there are smarter than you or better than you in general . the best way to handle this people is you better know your stuff . Be prepared

Gender Differences – I come across these daily . Most men are left brain dominator , and most women are right brain dominator and these make the female – male communication barrier even greater .

They d rather been speaking than listening – Our word is often missed because listener are busy thinking about what they are going to say rather than listening .

Those are few of the barriers that ive come across lately .  Let me know if you have an idea that can help me to improve my persuasion / communication .




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