Attitude That Help With Transformation


Transformation or to be transformed is very cahllenging . I should have call the article  how to be transformed , but its better with how i got transformed . In order to be a success in life  we need to adopt a different way of living It has taking me ten years to get to this point . 

Transformation means we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves . I know because ive allowed some part of me to de so that i can become a better stronger version of myself so i used my soul searching  and personal transformation to navigate myself .

You are going to meet with a lot of challenges that only you can figure out how to come to the other side . You are going to meet with a crisis that only you can be burdene with and you going to meet up with the challenges of not paying your bills on time because you ve allocated your money on your personal growth .  All these had happened to me .

You might actually lose friends because they dont fit into the new you . Here are some of the attitude that has helped my journey .

I looked at successful people that i admire , see what they are doing and do what they say

I became a doer – not a dreamer – My teacher told me long time a go that dreams are for the loser , you dont have to know you , just have to keep moving forward .

She also said that people like to listen to the master , to the preacher and the coach but dont like to do what the master says .

Emotionally strong – I think its pretty  difficult to overcome obastcles without working on the emotions , i became more aware of who to talk to and started to  speak the whole truth . I dont need to pretend or being nice when i dont want to , My emotions was steady

Positivity – You see its really crazy when people says , be positive .  Positivity comes in believing in yourself . Most people are doubters they dont belie ve any single thing about themselves and they impose this on other people . My own positivty comes from my strong belief in myself and the relation ship with myself .

My character – I started saying yes to my character .  To my commitment to myself and the people around me .  I f we are steadfast and ready in correcting our courses and error we can repeatedly recreate ourselves .

Thats my journey soo far .




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