Reframing Your Thinking For A better Body

The biggest challenge ive heard  or seen is for women to changes  the way they think about their body or self in a different way . In a healthy way . Most people carry the same thinking about their  body even thou the changes  in life style has emerged . .What women dont realised is our body changes every  year and you have adapt to it .

Im sure you are familiar with when someone says , i just need to get through this couple of weeks and then i-ll get back to my normal healthy habits . These rarely happen and most of the time people regress to a deeper bad habits . There is always used to be more than you can actually get done .

I strive everyday to be smart , intelligent and healthy . You dont see enough of that . In order for me to function at a high level , i have to keep my body and mind in a peek state of health . Seven out of 10 women are emotionally and physically unhealthy .

For you to successfully take on everything you want to accomplish , you need to be sleeping soundly eating well , and moving your body . so that your brain can be efficient as possible . The more work , obligation that pile up the more you need to meet those challenges with extreme self care .


Prioritize your self care routine as much as you do with other responsibilities . I trained lots of very busy people / men and women . Very powerful successful people who are not satisfy with being average so they put their self care first ,.

You can always schedule sex, self pleasure , or consistent  bed times by all means write those in too . Not only maintaing regular self care routines will improve your focus at work , it will also help you becoming  more efficient and a happier person .

Work will always be the same , it will always fill the exact of tome you ve got . So giving yourself time to nourish yourself will always improve  every other thing you need to do as from now on , say yes to yourself and you will see the different .



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