Bio- Energetic Food To Eat Daily For Your Health And Beauty- Add Water

Healthy people glows . its simple . For example if you consume too much sugar or alcohol  the face become strain and unattractive . You might also noticed that some people tend to glow all the time apart from expensive body scrub , im going to give you the top bioenergetic foods that do the trick .

When you eat  these foods , you will eliminate well and detoxifying  your liver . Your health and your beauty depend  on your frame of mind ..its about habits and mindset

Green Tea – A new research concludes that green tea can inhibit of certain carnogens in the DNA and enhance immunity by activate certain immune system . components such as B cells , T cells , and NK natural killer cells . Green tea is also rich in vitamin K which allows calcium to be formed into the matrix of your bones and support  mental activity

Green Drinks – This is a must , please dont buy the cheap ones .Green drinks are green because they contain chlorophyl – cholophy is an antiviral , anti bacterial cellular cleanser it also increase cognitive ability , general well being and levels of energy .

Gourmet Greens – Most adult seems to forget green vegetables all together . Green like  chard , spinach , fennel , asparagus, watercress and parsley are contributed to the growth of vibrant nails , hair , and skin .

Garlic – Garlic as been used both for food and medicine . Garlic  proven ability to scavenge and inhibit free radical is also a protection against cancer . It also has a potential to prevent heart attack and stroke .

Omega 3 fatty acids , like flaxeed , fish and fish oils .

Powerful Herbs – like rosemary , parsley , sage , Mint – they all aids digestions and support the immune system .

Water –  After oxygen , water is the second most important nutrients in your body . Women body are comprised of about 63 to 65 percent  and male bodies 68 percent several studies concluded that consumption of both caffeinated beverage and alcoholic beverages can lead to a water loss . Drink plenty of water , dont count   just drink according to Warren Buffet – it clears .the brain and empty the bowel .

With Love .

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