The Facts About Relationships

Most of the facts about relationships  are very invisible  to many people . Most people enter relationships with the eye toward  what they can get out of them , rather than what they can put into them . When you noticed a very happy realtionships its because they contribute to each others .

The purpose of a relationships is to decide what part of yourself you will like to see show up . Not part of another you can capture and hold . The only sole purpose of relatioship as ive learned so far is to be who you really are . Its only through our relationships with other people , places , and events that we truly exist as a human being .

Most people  sadly put limitations  on each others .T wo people join together in a partnership , hoping  that the whole will be greater  than the sum of the parts only to find that its less . They feel less than when they were single , Less capable , less intelligents , Less attractive , Less attractive , Less joyful , and less content .

Im not teaching or giving a relationships advice here , but noting that im talking about the facts that bound us as human . I will never enter any relatioship with people or places that will reduce who i im  . No wonder i bring happiness and value to the world .

In relations ships with others you should be evolving and becoming and using your relationships with everything to decide what  you really becoming . Your personal relationship with yourself are the most important elements in the process , it has nothing to do with the others .

If you cannot love yourself , you cannot love another . Many people make the mistake of seeking love of self thorough love for another . Of course they dont know they are doing this . The most loving person is the person who is self  – centered .

The most difficult thing in the world to do is to be yourself but thats the only way to a radiant , glowing relationships .

Ive been in a very loving supportive relationship  for a while now we both keep on becoming and do each other good . im not a fan of relations ships need work, im a fan of a freedom in a relationship  ship so we both have the space to evolve and become .

Let me know your thoughts .




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