Know Yourself To Reach Your Goal

It time of the year when we tend to want to set a gaol or if you are like me to review what i actually  get done through  out the year , Sometime s its really scary to face it . Its better to be realistic so that we can advance and face the future .

Its not cheap to know ourselves , but its the best thing ever in having the potential to attain any goal in life . Most of the goals are surrounds working harder , working smarter which doesnt address any process of evolution . . Ive attended lots of seminars , read books , listen to audios . All these has helped me to validate whats I im as a person to attain a particular height in life .

Most of the advice on reaching goals and getting things done is upside down . Ive learned  a lot from people trying to teach you to achieve your goals without understanding who you are as a person ..

The best way that has worked for me is to focus on evolutonary process . You must evolve with your goals . For example i set few goals these year , i dint get to achieve all of them but got three of them done which moved me to another scale of thinking .

Decide you want to improve on whatever you are struggling with , Do you wnat to improve communication , becoming more optimistic , give up smoking , lose weight , better sex , or be a better mother . Its all depends on what you want to improve on but you have to evolve in a different way to make this happen .

Evolution is the best answer to attaining goals . It allows you to know yourself . The evolutionary  process has allow me to start my own private personal training  studio , noting that im a  woman .

You will always have to evolve  with your goals .

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