Strength Training Is An Art

Sometimes i think im like a kind of a poet in a strength training world . A skilful and talented  trainer is an artist . sometimes im always thinking what my work really is . My work is not about to make you sweat , which is disgusting . I mean how can i be paid just to make someone sweat ? So ive come to the conclusion that my real job is to empower and give direction so that people can make thier unique and individual contribution that ultimately bring the world closer to the expression of love and spirit .

Dealing with general population in terms of training could be very challenging  , depending on individula background , ego , what pushes them to training . Most people train just to satisfy ego , most people to perform in real life – like me . Most people from addictive habits to training with whatever bad habits they have . Traing is an art like i said and its so smooth and peotic if you follow the right part .

You want  more energy – you need to get  stronger – not more cardio . You need to learn the basic , push pull, and running  with an objects like sledge ,and hammers . No one likes  you when you are fat , they might not be able to say it in your presence . We all need to get stronger and get better . Thats the deal and by doing that we express our spirit .

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