The Top 10 Things Ive Learned In 2016

Its about time of the year that i share in a fashion the most valuable lesson ive learned this year . It has been extremely challenging year but rewarding . Most of the lessons comes in the area of Beauty , Money , Relationship , and Womanhood .


You must always train your glutes – your butts – the better glute function  , the better your body respond to over all training and you dont need to die in the gym to build a better body .

When you focus on fat loss, the body react , when you focus on coaxing fat loss the body responds . I actually stole this idea from a friend but thats the the fact .

High intensity with minimalist time shape the whole body very fast and keep my face pretty . Cardio increasing aging .

Drink plenty of water , so that you can poo . The more you elliminate , the better the body .

Find your own hair dresser and a massage therapist . It provides a lot of role on how you look .


Spend time with people who value and contributes to their relationships  . you can learn  from each other ,.and praise your spouse or partner  in front of each other  .

Set boundaries if you value your future and for a better connections . The highest  good for you becomes the highest good for another ,


Invest big into yourself – ive spent more than 10 000 pounds on my development  this year , probably  thats why i didnt take any vacation . It goes a long way , from coaches to books to personal self  care .


Put your personal care first , every other thing can wait but your body and your mind will not .

Have more sex , very often , it flushes cortisol of of the body and makes you more attractive to your partner .  Consume less alcohol  your body will love you for that .

Hope you find some lesson useful here and please feel free to share it with friends and family .


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