Benefit Of Investing Big Into Yourself

Investing big into yourself is like the parable of the sower , you reap what you sow . I first  learned this analogy few years back from Jim Rohn –  He says , if you want to have more  you become more . To become more , you must grow and thats whats been happening to me for the past 6 years . I grew to the point of having my own busness – i had to start from the scratch .

Ive worked with a coach that cost me over 15 000 pounds last 16 month and im still working with him .  Women especially needs to invest big into themselves rather than things .

I get things too but they dont get in the way of developing my mind and my body . Life strike or expand in porpotion  of our courage and investment into ourselves . Investing big in ourselves bring more clarity , abundance mentality rather scarcity mentality . You deliver more value and attract more opportunity.

Investing big into yourself create freedom in your life , – by teaching you more discipline  more compassion and  abundance energy for creativity .Because of all the investment ive made in the past , i have more freedom , i worked 4 times weekly and have lots oif time to do other stuff .

By investing big into myself  im writtting this blog better , i started to think in terms of possibilities not probability . Once you start investing , it means you have to give up certain things for certain period . Life is a trade off and full of sacrifices . Thats the price of success and investing big .



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