Squat Makes the Body Look Beautiful

The back squat or the goblet squat is a staple in any functional design programm . Im into squat because i want my body to be stronger . As we get older performing squat oone weekly is a neccesity from body weight to weighted squat .  Squat makes women  body body looks amazing .

I want to emphasize that not everyone can perform sqaut properly , with the right coaching many women and men can gain the ability to squat deeply overtime if ego is not in the way . There are so many factors that inhibit someone from deep squat . Poor ankle flexibilty , limited hips movement , or upper back stiffenes can cause issue with squatting and these are the reason for getting into squat because it reveals all these weaknesses

Few years ago i study a programm on how to double my squat – the result , better core strength improve quad aka lean legs but it was tough . Thats what  you get from squat and improving mobility and stability while working squat pattern is a good idea no how great your squats .

Performing squats is also great for athletes apart from making your body look hot . The full squat also work the glute at the bottom of the movement when the hips are flexed and the glute are stretched . All these makes  you body overall a badass . It also works the quad and erector to build  nice thighs and back muscles .

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