The Benefits Of Becoming More Valuable

We all love valuable people , and we can all develop the habits of becoming very valuable regardless of our circumstances . Few years agowhen i was at the university i asked my soccer coach how i can make a lot of money . He said you have become very valuable in life . His words set a way for me .

Strive to become more valuable to get a raise from work or your boss so that you can increase your income . Most things dont happen if you are just a regular employee or trainer of athlete etc .  Dont be satisfy with being ordinary .

There  is nothing interesting in an ordinary person . Busness are set up to make profits and your contribution will make  you and your boss happy eventually  leading to a big raise . For example i identify my clients bigger problems and the obstacle in front of them  their needs and pain . I look for resources to help them solve this problems .

These strategy works for everyone and thats how you increase  your value and ask for a raise or more money from clients .Make a resolution to become more valuable , write everything down how you can become more valuable  to your boss, clients, family and the people around you .

Everything compound over the years and the more value you add the more benefits especially financially .





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