The Only Prize Is Preparation

When you set out to prepare in advance and limit your action and in action  to only what is keeping withing the need of  preparation – to remove yourself  from from distraction , to be self sufficient  be free to create and understanding power .

The only prize we have to pay for a better life is preparation . To be prepare to win means you have get away from distraction whcih is not an easy task nowadays . No matter who you are , what  you do , this prize  has to be paid . In my line of work , sometimes it takes me 6 hours in a day to prepare for 4 clients .

I like to deliver a remarkable traiining experience for my clients so it requre thinking , creating , research and practise and this preparation semmes to make it enjoyable and easy . The more preparation , the better the result .

Lets assuming you want  to take up a challenge of running or healthy eating , you have to prepare  a night before which result in getting it done .   Preparing your food in advance make it easier  for you to stick to a health habits .

We all have roles to play in our life our performance at work and every aspect of our life is a public display of our best self , and if we are true to our self , we pay the prize of preparation .

By having self respect  for your own mind and prizing it , you will please yourself and be in better harmony with your fellows human being and  more in tune with your energy also you will become a better performer in life . No matter who you are .

About Victoria Boer

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