Prioritizing Self Care And Importance Of Micromovement

When you have the mindset of proritizing your self care , then you will discover that you dont need to spent a lot of time going to the gym before you can exercise . Personally speaking i hate long hours of exercisng , im too busy for that .More over its very unproductive and not good for the hormones

Exercising less with the right intensity is the key to losing fat and remain young  with vitality and  vibrant . even thou people spend in the gym they are still out of shape and we have more obesity in europe more than ever ,

Micromovement is simply moving your body more on a regular basis , You dont really need a gym memenberships . Im talking about walk , Take the stairs .  Do a few push ups here and there . Do 10 bodyweight squat before you eat . Pick up your kids . Run to the mailbox . Get up your chair every 15 mins , All these micromovement adds up and can help you burn more calories .

Macro movement enables you to keep growing stronger within you – lifting weight is not the only way to grow stronger  or better but emotions as well . If you focus getting better rather than getting fitter , you will establish a healthy way of fitness .

You will be stronger in your emotions and choices when you move often .

Do 10 push ups before breakfast lunch and dinner

Run up and down the stairs each day .

Take a walk for 30 mins

The human body dose not become weak because of the aging process , it gets that way because  we become lazy and dont get adequate stimulation .

This simple  habits has help many of mine clients to take control of their body .

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