Exercising To Improve Feminine Body

If you are like me i always want to improve my physique / my body . In a fitness industry most women seems to lose thier feminie touch , Im not bad mouthing , im sharing experiences and from observation . You can lift serious heavy weight but still look like a woman .

As a woman , we should look vibrant and full of vitality as we aged . its possible when you do exercise that improve the hormones not destroying the hormones . I found that if i concentrate on getting better at developing my glute and core i will alwys the youthful energetic vibrant appearance which im now .

These days i teaches hips hinge to my clients , also working on it by myself . Hips hinge is the foundation of strong posterior chain like squats , deadlifts . When you focus on improving these hips hinge exercise , you will find running is easier on your knees , your back feels less strained after a long work day .

You dont need to suffer because of getting in shape . I decided i want to look and appear more feminie , this led me to learning how to work on glutes and core because thats the part of the body that diminishes as we age .

Training to activate my glutes to its potential , to stretch them under heavy loads has been my biggest project for nearly 2 years . We can all improve our body by doing the right thing .  You can contact me on victoriaboerfitness.com to learn how i can help you build a better body in less time .

About Victoria Boer

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