Pleasure Can Become Punishment

We are all looking for pleasure one  way or the other . i actually stole this idea from the wisdom of epictetus  Too much peasure can become dangerous and can also serves as punishment  Ive experienced this a lot from jogging to clear my head but when i go too long , i spent the whole day suffering from hormones imbalances , so what serves me as initial  pleasure ended up becoming a punishment at the end of the day

Self control is a difficult thing , which is why going on a diet might be helpful for some people , some diets  allow a cheat  day , which people are require to eat whatever they like once a week . At first its always like a dream but anyone who actually done this knew that each cheat day you tend to eat yourself sick .  Sooner or later the urge start to go away and you dont need the cheat  day anymore . Gradually it has result to punishment

The same thing applies to people who do excessive exercise or some stupid 30 days challenge then later , these people spent anther 30 days nursing the injury causing by the exercises or the damages to the hormones .

Its important  to connect the so called temptation with its actual effect and to understand that indulging might actually be worse than resisting , the urge begin to lose its appeal and this way self control will become the real pleasure . and temptation  become regret   We dont need to drink or eat ourself to sick we need a bit of self control

Love yah .


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