The Power Of Silence And Meditation

This blog post is about how i become more productive by practising dynamic meditation which i refer to maintaing silence . I used to think mediatation is a big deal , you actually dont need a technique for it  its simply an understanding awareness . I used my exercise programm as a meditation because im there alaone witnessing my own spirit and then idea  is born .

There are noises everywhere  people are alawys taking , doing things , being on a social media . Is insane we are losing ourselves , we are losing magic .Meditation helps you grow your own intuition , it become very clear  what is going to fulfil you . What is going to help you and what ever it is its going to be different for individual .

Mediation makes you more loving and increases awareness , breeds creativity . If you take notice people   in a good relationship are more loving with lots of compassion .

Find a place to stay quite for about 10 mins daily and increase gradually for about 3o mins till you become comfortable  with silence . . You can even use walking as a meditation , no smart phone just you .

This will help you and grow your intelligence and you will be more valuable and happier with people around you . This is how power of silence has helped me .

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