What Really Get you Going – Food Matters

For so long ive been thinking how do i make people understand how ffod we consume really matters in our life , apart from just good looking .Most people will save money on food but spend on hoildays , cars etc –  We need energy to go through the day , to become a better person and what really get us going is the quality of our food which goes into our cells . The fist thing you need to understand is you are nothing more than a bunch of cells

Our body is simply  bunch of cells  i hope that doesnt come as an insult . Our cells are renew every years, and this where food comes to matter . I wish every schoos will start  to teach kids the important  of where energy comes from . You food even decides how you think .Im my job i can see how people stride for energetic life  from grandmothers to busy moms , busy dads , or tennis player and myself .

As i was saying your cells serve the same function as a battery to electricity , they power you up . This source  of energy  come from the food you eat , and the air you breath . They transport glucose  into your blood .  , Sometimes we makes things complicated then we eat too much because of low energy , . whereas our body is simply  in need of more oxygen .

So if you breathing about 12 to 18 times per minute , as the average adult should,so how come  your  cells are  not getting enough oxygen . The answer lies in your blood and the food you consumes matter .

Getting you really going is not caffeine or sugar because those actually rob you out of your energy .


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