Sugar Addiction And Why You Are Exhausted

In my observation most people have no clue how they get soo much addicted to sugar or why thy cant poo . When you are not exhausted  or dont eat any sugar , you must poo 2to 3 times a day . . With respect to hormones , sugar has no  place  in our body . It makes us more cranky and tired .

Here is the thing , excessive stimulation and stress caused your adrenal to release catabolic hormones and you stored all your fatigue in your face . Most people go all day from one meeting to another without a substantial amount of break . All these leads to sugar  addiction . especially when it involves lots of talking .

If you ever feel exhausted after an argument , a bout of physical exercise , a stressful day at work , or a few hours after your morning coffee then you can be sure your adrenal are cryiong up for help and thses are all the reason you feel exhausted .

My solution  is simple at  least i dont eat sugar .

Create a space for yourself to breathe and meditate  – your live hoood depends on it .

Dont be on top of everything .

Sacrifice instant gratification for a long term goal .

Get enough sleep .

Dont bring sugary foods into your home .

Ask for support from your family .

Love and be in a loving relationship .

All these has helped me to look vibrant and avoid sugar for years .

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