Learn To Think From The Heart – Not The Head

I was introduced to dynamic meditation 2 years ago  its not what  you think ,when i speak about meditation people think you need to sit close your eyes and trying to be silent .i fell in love with dynamic meditation because it get me to think more from my hear and it improves my memory .Its difficult for someone like me who is full of vitality, alive and energy to sit still . and so if you are energetic like me – keep reading .

Most of my audience range from grandmothers , students and actiually teenagers these days ask me a lot of questions , about depression , feeling low and energy . Most depressions comes from the head not from the heart . Im not a mental heath doctors so i cannot cure depression but all i know is lack of vitality or feeling low is coming from repression of emotions  and thinking from the head  .

The heart  is the gate to reality and vitality , move from the head to the heart then all problems disappear . You will realised that most of the problems are created from the head .I lately found out that in japan they considerd the belly as a thinking brain . Start to breath deep from the belly , then your thinking will be clear .

All my relationships  are based on love and thats why im very attracted to people because they can see that and everyone is looking for some one that are not mechanical . The more your relationship is based on love , the more your heart centre will function .

What you need to work on is change the quality of your relationships , let it be based on love , Not only with your wife , with your child or with your friend but towards life by becoming loving . It means you will create a loving attitude toward life .

And this is how you begin  to think from the head  through  dynamic meditation , You can start with walking but concentrate only on the walking without thinking about anything else  ,. Start  with 5 mins  – no smart phone in your hand just walking .

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