What ive learned from creativity

I personally think we can all be creative if we allow it to happen . Being creative is like a muscle , you need to use it otherwise it will shrink Most often people associate creativity with something intellectual , a particular way of thinking but the truth is that creativity is something that involves our entire emotions , our level of energy  characters and mind ,

To make a discovery , to innvent something that is connected to other people . that serves as a value for the public . Relatioships too matter to a creative person because it involves the entire emotions and being .

Lately i discoverd an obessesion for developing better butt , i also discoverd that lack of proper butt function is the main cause of low back pain , weak body. I also discover that proper glute function will improve the whole appearance and lose weight very fast

To put creativity  to use , you must suspend the need to judge and learn to observe a person or event for a length of time , seek out what is unfamiliar – get rid of need to be secure and embracing the unknown .

It actually bring me back to when i moved away from commercial gym for my own place it was a journey of unknown  but with my creative mind ive built one of the best place to build a better body .

Another thing that ive learned  is when you have a passion for a particular task , you become very emotional  about it , you share without making bargains and you give because you have it .

You will also develop in a way that you will ignore the doubters and the critic and you will be committed   to solve  the problems and will not rest until you do so .

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