Treasure Your Mind

Are you aware that everything  around  us is to lose control of our mind . I watched a movie – Bridges of spies played by Tom Hanks . Is a about a russian spy who who despite long nights of abuse with cold water and lack of sleep  he held on to his mind . He did not give the info they were looking for . Thats inspiring .

Peoples are always working to gain control of our mind . Dont surrender your mind , cherish your reason  and hold on to your purpose .Most peoeple mind has been polluted with garbage , frustrtion , impatience , bad habits , fear , self doubt , and self sabotage

Life get simple when you are control of your mind . For example if someone were to casually give your body away to a passer by , you will naturally be furious . Why then do you feel no shame in giving your mind to someone who might influence you .

Think twice before you act , think , gain understanding then act .

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