Honestly Compounds

Honesty compounds no matter what happens in your bank account , in our career and daily life . Itried really hard to be honest , the reason is the fact that people dont want the truth and ego feeds on lies . I tried to be honest with my doctors , friends and family even thou its always a drag .

I found out that dishonesty ages people . – When i mean honesty , its not about pretending to be honest . Here are few ways that ive learned to be honest .

GIVE CREDIT – Even if the ideas were all yours but give credit and move on . For examle my busness partner did all the work in the studio and without him today the studio will not be in a very good shape . I give credits to him even when he is not there .

Be the the merchant of good news- Be the source of new ideas , most peoples come to me for ideas and answers and i give all away free . I doenst matter new ideas  will come and you will be rewarded .

Introduce two people . A good friend  of mine does this very well no wonder he is a successful man . Let the two people benefits , you dont need to be in the middle of the benefit .

Make others look good – I like making videos of my clients because they work really hard and that for me is cool . Everyone wants to be acknowledged for small achievement . Acknowledge even the smallest achievement of people around you ., Small people make s people look bad . Be different , be aware of smallest thing .

Take the blame – Most time i messed up , and big time . You dont want to know . Sometimes i trash people whn im offended and im working hard everyday to improve on being honest also follow the advice ive given in this blog post .


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