My thought On Confidence

I was asked to give a talk on confidence to teenagers 15 to 20 years  old with self esteem issue . I was really  suprise by their definition of confidence .it also occur to me that esteem issue has nothing to do with only tennagers , in-fact   most adult could really benefits from the talk .

Nothing makes you more confidence than the belief that you can do it . sometimes our confidence shift , but when you are healthy and have good intentions , paved with lots of determination and inspiring action , then you are unstoppable . Thats where confidence comes from .

Its not something that can be bestow on to you , thats why i dont believe all these self help guru  who themselves are not really confidence , but try to sell you the high , the motivations that will lasted for a day , then you will fall back to where you are .

Every one has different strength , figure out what yours are and make it work . Dont try to fit in , by fitting in will ruin your purpose in life .

Confidence isnt about being perfect , its about having internal strength that you can handle new challenges , obstacles and oppotunities .Also the abilty to make the right choices comes from inner strength that build a massive layers of confidence .

Those are my thought on confidence . Let me know yours .


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