Ten Things You Should Know About Relationships

Im always thinking relationships is the backbone of everything , not only sexual or romance , but in buisness and life .It entails willingness to keep agreement and handle obstacles by adressing , processing , and resolving conflicts . Sadly most people confuse attachment with love .

Most people are coming from position of basic needs so they get confused about their  intention in a relationships .Lots of people are suffering simply because they are not able to maintain a great relationships. Im talikng about people that are too entitle and needy

Here are the ten things ive gathered by observing myself and other people .

In the conventional view , living together is considered a logical goal , but the reality  is most people are not meant to be together nor living together  and some people are excellent at it .


Are you aware that relationships is like a busness partner . . A person is candidate for a relationship when he is able and willing to give and receive love . To handle feelings , to make a commitment  and to keep agreements .

He can forgive and let go of his ego long enough to work problems out amicably .

He follows a reconciliation  , not retaliation models in his interactions .

Has no overpowering or religious obsessions .

Has no disability with respect to money – example cannot earn  , spend , share , save , lend , contribute , receive .

Has no active addictions – drugs , alcohol , too much talking , no actions .

An action taker , someone who is doing something .

Is your friend not just your sex partner , loves your company and is compatible .

Shares interest with you – doesnt have to be everything .

Im not saying this out of fiction its about the truth that bounds us all up as a human being .

To your love .




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