Dealing With Mistakes

Dealing with mistakes is actually a act of responibilty . Its not fun because most of us has not been taught how to handle mistakes properly .Daeling with mistakes can have a lot of impact on our esteem and emotion if people around us are not being supportive . Thats  one of the reason in my observation why  most avoid mistake at all cost .

No one ever set out willingly to make mistakes .Its crazy when we like to play safe and avoid making a mistake . Not make mistake or seeking to avoid one means you might have to trade in your true value  vulnerable self for a short time  – focused obsession with pleasing the wrong people .

Here are ways to look at mistakes or lets say how i usually handle mistakes. There is a lesson ive laernt in a valuable way , as a kid when my mother saw me making mistakes  she will become angry and frustrated all because shes in experience and dont know how to handle the problems . Most time she is coming from her own insecurities .

We all do this with people will love thinking we are protecting them .Making mistakes is a way to learn . Ive seen people calling themself stupid once they make mistakes and this is a wrong approach .

Whenever  you make mistakes , see it a way to be creative , to become self reliant and learn or as a way to grow in that area .As you learn a better attitude toward mistakes, you will feel less tense , your work will improve , you will try new things .

In this way you can begin to undo negative programming .

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