Good Values Bad Values

Most time  we picked up shitty values , someone else values without being conscious about it . It took me years to figure out what i really value . You see people will want you be part of their value , so you need to know what your values are or you will be heading to a disaster like most people .

It took me years to realised that my life will be shape out my value . At least i found out the point is to nail down some good values and merit , then pleasure and succcess will follow . As a pyhscologist freud once says , one days in restropspect , the year of struggle will strive you as the most beautiful .

Another thing i realised lately is the healthier you become , the clearer  your value . I dont get along well with my old friends anymore because my value  has become positive and healthier .

The good values are – reality based , socially constructive , immediate contollable , Bad values are always supersticious , pleasure , always being right , staying positive . Those are poor ideals for someones life .

Another healthy values are Vulnerability , honesty , standing up for one self , standing up for others , self respect , curiosity , charity , humilty , creativity .

Another unhealthy values are – feeling good all the time ,always being the center of attention , not being alone , being like by everybody . You noticed that good values are achieved  internally , something like creativity can be experienced , you  need to leran how to orient your mind in a certain  way .

Also based on my observation in a fitness industry , its about feeling good all the time and thats  why the values are shitty because no ones feel good all the time .

Values are about prioritization . Let me know what your values are and please drop me a comment .


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