The Habits Of doing Something

The first  thing i observed about this habits is you must surround yourself with people who get things done . Most people wait till they are ready or just lazy . its easy to get lazy especially when things  has been done for you at early age .  When i was a student , my english teacher used to say ;; if you are stuck on a problem , dont sit there and think about it – just start working on it even if you dont know what you are doing .

For example ive been self employed for a very long time which menas i get to be creative to raise my financial life . Its always a roller coaster but i keep doing something on a daily basis . its all compound at the end but its all struglling wihout security ., Im used to it and it makes me happy becuae i have the opportunity to enhance other peoples life .

In the course  of applying my old english teacher advice , i learnt a powerfu lesson about motivation . It has taken me several years for this lesson to sink in . After long year of attending seminars , reading , hiring coaches , listen to audios , lauching marketing ideas its all boil down to . Action is not just the effect of motivation its also the cause of it .

People who become execptional at something do so not because they believe they are execptional but they are obesessed with self improvement . They do something daily and do something daily .

Its so easy  to think and talk about a problem , but it is also a challenge to work on it,  the simple act of working on idea will eventually cause the right idea to show up in your head and thats what happens to me most of the time .

The habit of doing something is a miracle , it  inspired actions and action solves problems  the biggest obstacle for most people is poor self image , lack of confidence , or not being able to see yourself doing it . Laziness , procrastination or waiting for better timing . The list of excuses is long and of course useless and valueless . if you want to attract wealth  in your life  you need to get those list out of your life and get the habits of doing something so that you can move ahead .

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