The Great Outdoors

Most people find it very difficult to go outside and exercise during winter . One of the most funs things i do is in my own training regimen is to get out my studio and exercise outside . thou some of my both online and offline clintes has emnbraced this idea but it has taken some efforts .  The commercial gyms doens not favour you in terms of exercising outdoor.

They made the gym look so comfortable and shining to re einforce of your weakness of not wanting  to exercise outdoor . Basically they makes you lazy and you keep on paying them anyway the point is boredom and the same old routine can often result in stagnant  workout and decrease progress . In other words , you get burn out .

Getting outdoor to exercise at onece a week for about 15 to 20 mins is your best short for looking really good, interesting and avoid sickness . Exercising outdoor will spike things up for anyone from beginer to advance , Go outside and do a sprint interval has a huge impact  on your hormones and creative thinking which is your way to economic freedom and becoming  a badass .

Many times people describe their  their sprint interval like they tell me they did 60 seconds and then jogging for 60 seconds , few of  us actually able to sprint for anywhere close to 60 secs , if we are able to . What these people are telling me is more of aerobic interval . There is nothing wrong with this type of interval , its a great progression to lead you to the higher intensity .

Here is an example that will help build your interval session ,

10 repetitions of 80 yards and 60 yards

You do 8 repetition at 80 yards  , when thats finished then you do another 6 repetitions at 60 yards  Rest as needed

You can start practising this at your own pace , Your doing need a baby sitter personal trainer for this , the only thing needed  here is the discipline to get outside .

Shoot me your questions and i will get you your answer .



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