Dignity And Self Respect

Most people asked me why i write about life rather than what will make them lose weight very fast , well its about going to the next level and  understanding why dealing  with issue is the major caused if the weight gain .  Understanding  dignity and self respect will help  the issue of over eating .

The true respect look beneath the surface or our appearance , self respect is based on our appreciation of ones true or inner self . You see shit happens when you dont understand  who you are . This has taken more than 10 years  to figure out and  m writing  this so that you can learn within  few minutes of reading this blog .

We have self respect when our actions stems from principles od deep conviction . For example i believe  in honesty and taking care of my body which  influence mu appearance and my positive energy , people feed on my positive energy and thats dignity for me .

On a personal level , we tend to lose self respect when we try to manipulate other people like parent  try to manipulate  their children and children also try to do the same .

Anther  quality  that seem s to be lacking these days is dignity . Dignity is a way of carrying one self and since time is money in a modern culture few of us can afford dignity . To have a dignified hearing , your body must be straight and  held high not down as many people tend to be .

Dignity brings big heart , doesnt protect itself and it doesnt hide . It stand  out .

The keys to having dignity is to sense of being grounded , having your feet firmly on the ground . There are certain exercise that promote grounding , one is called the bow and it can be found on a you tube .

Love yah .





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