Women Training Method That Works For Life

There is no questions that year of using our bodies results in some wear and tear , instead  of feeling helpless and defeated about our physical limitations  that usually emerge as a result of aging , there are also some heath issues you want to keep an eyes on  like keep your bone sturdy .This is where strength  training comes to the rescue

The  thing is as women get older  , you have to work for that  body to keep it stronger  , sexy , and useful . apart from preventing partner to have an affair .Most people are help less and in denied about this but thats the truth .Most of my women audience range from 35 years onward , this is a critical age to begin strength  training .

Hormones level both in men and women begin  to fluntuate , women  and men start   to lose some of their energetic ego drive .Here are some overview ive gathered  over the years  for  women keep their body vibrant and sexy .

Perform high intensity cardio for 30 mins at a time , like sprint and walk . Cardio  kick boxing at least  3 to five times a week . You need to find the time .

Lift weights two or three times a week for at least 30 min

De junk your kitchen , and stock your fridge  with heathy  women friendly  food  .

Make sure your shoes are in good shape .

Go for 1 week challenge transformation in the beginning .

Should in case you are extremely busy like michelle obama who find at least time to train then , research shows that muscle strength and size can be maintained with one or two weight training sessions a week .

There is always a pay off as long as you do the work . women  life can be sexy for life , you need to work for it .


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