The Mind Is All Yours

No matter what the body is going through , the mind is all yours .Im constantly going through changes  to meet my needs and the needs of  the people around me , its not so easy to wear many hats  it involves constant adjusting and changing .i always have to think on the higher plane and deconstruct problems . One of the reason i started  to study phyllosophy  . Dont blame me .

The body can be ravaged by disease , or injured or disables , it can be imprisoned or subjected to torture – our body and our breath dont matter , they are just less but up to the very end , the mind is ours . This is from wisdom of the seneca .

Learn to preserve your mind as ive learned  . A creative mind is a mind that solves problem , protect  your mind and stay away from the news . Talk to people that are optimistic  and see higher possibilty   in life . Refrain from people who says you cant , because their mind has grown feeble .

Focus on sitting quietly and start meditating for about 5 mins daily – you will start seeing the difference in the way you approach things , your mind will be clear .

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