Self Possession And Self Expression

Ability to express  your feelings well has to do with the entire functions of the body , if a person  is blocked in ability to express feelings it will; deaden the body and reduce vitality and i can see this in  many people . Lack of expression reduce vitality and create tension in the body .

You want to be around people or some one who lets you speak your truth without judgement . I used to know friends who doesnt like me express how i feel about situation then i stopped talking to them . You can do the same too . Expression of your feeling is not bulling or manipulating , simply how you feel about a situation .

I always  tell  people around me to say how they feel , its  important for me too .

Self possession  is the ability to gain control of feelings and respond in a better way to a situation . this takes a lot of self control . The purpose is not to limit , but to make the expression effective and appropriate . We all seems to admire people who are in control of themselves .

We all have things we want kick about , weve all seen some injustice we want to express that happen to you or someone you know .

What to do – i learn some kicking exercise long time ago ,

Lie down on a bed – raise one leg up and extend both legs . Keeping them loose , your ankle  should also be loose with the knees extended but not rigid , Do the kicking easily at fist  then gradually increasing the strength .

Do that for about 3 to 5 mins you will notice the different in your expression . You can also kick a punching bag and keep on saying no or get away while you doing that .

This is an expressive exercise that really works .


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