Few Ways To Release Endorphins Into Your Body

Ive been thinking and writing  and experiment about ways to release endorphins  in the body without hurting or compromising our health . Endorphin is a feel good hormones that is naturally low when we feel depressed or very tired . Here are fews ideas that has worked for me and im sure  it will also work for you ,.

BREATHING – Most people have shallow breathing thats why they fight , breath deep in a very stressful encounter will reduce levels of stress hormones , with less stress you will feel happier and generally function better .

ALMONDS –  I always have almonds in my bag , its very hormone friendly and prevent you from reaching  for  sugary snacks .

Laughter – Hang around people that are optimistic and see higher possibilty  , these people tens to make you laugh about things that you think might  kill you . Laughter is also an emotional   freedom , it raises your spirit , increase levels of endorphins , release pressure and reverse learnt seriousness .

HOPE – This is a good thing when you are working at it , if you hope things will turn out well and start to work at it , then it will .Science also suggest that hopes lessens pain by increasing levels of endorphins in the body . the feel good biochemicals .

SOLVING PROBLEMS – Keeping promises and solving problem also increase level of endorphins in the body .the reasons is you work so hard to find a solution to s problem and the end results makes you happy .


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