3 practises for mental toughness

I love and very drawn to people who are tough ad  dont give up , you can accomplish  a lot with this kind of people . I believe im also in that category so here is my answer for practising metal toughness . I could say ice bath , not a joke . Try and sit in a ice bath in the winter for 5 mins . It does something to your phissiology  and your mind .

The first  thing is to push yourself more than you think you are capable of , thats one of the reason i love the art of strength training  with a good form, You will find new depth inside yourself . It will take you to a level youve never been before .

Another one that i practise is to deliberately put myself in a group / situation that is tough . people share difficulties , discomfort , You ll see that when you ve been through that kind of difficult     environment   you will feel more strong .

Create fear and lets people overcome it .or finding a way to help  people to overcome it . We all wake up with fear and if you dont think you are going to be successful , why dont you go back to bed .

I need you to understand that happiness does not comes from pleasure . Happiness comes from victory .  let me know your thought on planning to build mental toughness .


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