How to have more energy – sleep

I talk to people a lot, and within a few minutes of conversation I’ve already gathered that they are tired. Most people are wired with coffee, red bull and sugary snacks all in the name of having more energy. Sometimes clients come to me with few hours of sleep thinking exercise will help them get through the day.

Many of us also know that regular exercise helps us sleep better but I lately discovered that regular sleep also helps you exercise better. What happens is when you hit your exercise your body has more energy with less effort, and a challenging exercise will become interesting – and you will be more motivated.

More sleep means more motivation –  Sleeping and eating at the wrong time also make it more difficult for energy. I used to think I can get away with little sleep too but it turns out to be a disaster; it impaired my decision-making and level of concentration and decline of attention.

Neuroscience has given me valuable tips which has really helped me, and can help you as well if you choose to follow it:

  • Get a new pillow and a new pillow case
  • Make your bedroom darker and keep it cool
  • Get a blackout curtain / blinds
  • I do warm epsom salt bath in the evening before bed
  • I drink alcohol before 7pm so that my body can metabolize it
  • I cut coffee or any sorts of caffeine before 2pm – the rest I drink water and consume fats like almonds and seeds
  • I banish looking at my laptop and phone after 7pm. Apparently the screen reduces melatonin in the eyes

I know this might sound very simple but it takes discipline and can be very efficient.

Thanks for reading

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